Alexane Bancal

Osteopath D.O

Specialties of Alexane

Osteopathy . Professionalism . Adaptation . Listening . Human Body

Alexane Bancal, Osteopath D.O, comes from a five-year training course at the Higher Institute of Osteopathy ISOstéo Lyon, a school approved by the French Ministry of Health.


What is Osteopathy ?


Osteopathy, manual therapy based on an in-depth knowledge of the human body, is a comprehensive and systemic approach that seeks to find the cause of the patient's symptoms. Through osteopathic mobilizations and manipulations on areas with restricted mobility, the osteopath gives the human body the impetus to self-balance.


Your osteopath


Alexane has been trained in a wide range of techniques, in the cranial, visceral and neuro-musculoskeletal fields, in order to best adapt to the patient and his reason for consultation. Its care is adapted to everyone regardless of age and profile (infant, child, adult, athlete, elderly, etc.). All in a therapeutic space, which creates a relationship of trust, exchanges, and patient / therapist dialogue.


Where you can have a consultation


Consultation by appointment at 77 620 74 11 or via Afridoctor


Sotéria medical practice, Ngor-Almadies: Monday, Wednesday 8 am-8pm, Friday 3 pm-8pm, Saturday 8.30am-1.30pm.

AYOUB medical and paramedical practice, Plateau: Tuesday 8 am-8pm, Friday 8 am-2pm.



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